Hotel Policy

We provide our guests an exceptionally clean, safe and friendly hotel experience. This hotel policy is a
part of our reservation agreement with a guest. As our hotel guest, you are agreeing to all our house rules,
terms and conditions and procedures. Our hotel policy may change from time to time.

Guarantee Policy

  • For all room reservations will be required a valid credit card upon booking.
  • All reservations made with declined or insufficiently funded credit cards can be cancelled.
  • Hotel Management reserves the right to cancel any reservations without notice if we are notified of any
    fraud or illegal activities associated with the full payment received.

Cancellation/Amendment Policy

  • For cancellation/amendment a reservation made by standard rate is free of charge 3 days prior to date
    of arrival, after we charge you 100% the room rate.
  • For non-refundable rate are no cancellation or modification possible. The full payment amount can be
    charged anytime after the reservation is created.

Occupancy in the room

  • Room occupancy requirements are based on fire safety restrictions. By all our rooms (Tiny, Classic, Plus,
    Suite, Superior) maximum occupancy is 2, except 2 Bedrooms room is for maximum 4 persons. If you
    exceed the maximum number of guests allowed, you will asked to book an additional room upon the

Complaints or Feedback Policy

  • Any complaint or comment regarding a stay at our hotel should be made in the first instance to the front
    office desk at the time of your stay so that we can attempt to resolve it immediately.
    Smoke-free Policy
  • We are 100% non-smoking property. A 400EUR cleaning fee will be charged to any guest who violates
    the smoking policy. Smoking is allowed outside the building. After 10PM due to government
    requirement silence on the street should be observed.

Pet Policy

  • Pets are not allowed in the hotel. In a case of violation, we reserve the right to charge a surcharge of
    400EUR. You will also be asked to remove a pet from our hotel.
    Adults only Policy
  • A children upon 18 years old are not allowed in our property.

No In-room party Policy

  • No parties, loud disturbance, noise-nuisance are allowed or tolerated inside hotel. One polite request
    will be given to reduce the noise. If request is not followed, the guest will be asked to leave the hotel
    without refund. Registered in house gusts are responsible for all persons visiting. Non-registered visitors
    can stay in the hotel only till 10PM

Check-in/Check-out Policy

  • Check in time from 2 p.m. Early check-in is based on availability.
  • The guests must be at least 18 years old to check in at the Zola Hotel. Guests are required to confirm
    their identity by providing their valid government issued photo identification, from security reasons. The
    credit card must be valid, signed and pre-approved, is also required in the name of the guest registration
    only. Its´s your charge to understand the way your bank processes pre-authorizations and charges to your
    credit/debit card. Some authorizations can be hold in depend on your bank up to 30 business days.
  • By providing our reception your credit card and sign our registration form upon arrival, you give us the
    right to use the credit card as guarantee for full payment of your stay and your extra charges.
  • In case your departure without checking out at reception, we will charge your credit card for total
    balance of your invoice. For check in will be required valid contact information from the guest, who
    making the reservations incl. first and last name, address, phone number and signature.
  • Check-out time is 11p.m. Independ of availability, you can request a late check-out for additional
    payment, please contact front desk prior to the day of your departure.
    Please return room key to Front Desk at Check-out, in a case of key card lost, we are reserve the right to
    charge 20 EUR.
  • Payment from third party is not permitted. In a case of payment for family member if you do not present
    at the hotel, we require in prior completion and approval of cc authorization form including a copy of
    your photo ID. We reserve a right to refuse a reservation at any time for any reasons.
    Damage Policy
  • Any damage to hotel property, whether accidental or willful is the responsibility of the registered guest
    for each room. All costs for repairs or replacement will be charged to the credit card of the registered
    guest. In extreme cases, criminal charges will be pursued.
  • Guest Rooms found with complete disorder and/or trashed will be subject to a 300EUR maintenance
    deep cleaning fee and administration fee

Safety policy

  • In the guest rooms the candle, incense and essential oils are prohibited. Cleaning fee 300EUR will be
    charged to the guest account who did not accept this policy.
  • Illness and Epidemics. Zola Hotel reserves the right to refuse accommodations to a guest arriving with a
    contagious disease. Please inform the Front Office staff in cases of sickness occurs during the stay, for
    serious sickness you may to receive immediately health care from a healthcare facility.
  • Our Firearms and Weapons Policy is designed for the protection of our guests, vendors, staff, and
    owners, and pertains to the presence of firearms and weapons on hotel premises. Zola Hotel do not recognize
    that guests and vendors may legally possess firearms or weapons for a variety of legitimate purposes.

Hotel fire safety

  • It’s not allowed to cover lamps or other electrical appliances, using towels, clothing or any other items.
    The hotel is fully equipped with smoke detectors. In a case of emergency or fire please notify Front Desk.
    A map that shows emergency exits can be found on the back of your room door.

Changes or modification to the hotel policy

  • Hotel Zola reserves the right to modify, change, vary or add to these Hotel rules or the arrangements and
    content featured on our Hotel website at any time without prior notice. Please check our homepage
    regularly for updates to Hotel Policy. A copy of our hotel policy located on homepage, in the room map
    and available from Front Desk upon request.