Zola Palais De Boheme is
a contemporary palace secluded
in Vienna’s backyard Garden.


Located in the vibrant 2nd district, yet secluded with its laid back vibe, this is the ideal place to live an exclusive hotel experience. A grand architecture and high ceilings gives the feeling of an old palazzo and transports you to another time. The personality of Zola with its own style, vision and spirited mode, represents a veritable rarity.


A bohemian chic atmosphere runs through the entire concept and underscores a free-living and creative character. Through the interplay of different epochs and textures as well as materials this Hotel is taking its observer on a voyage of discovery.

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In the middle of the dynamic second district, still away from the hustle and bustle, this gem offers an ideal getaway. ZAZATAM is a true destination to get lost and wonder, where guests come together and enjoy culinary highlights along with creative drinks.

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Blooming souls.

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